Licking Head to Toe Breeding Massage

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Shemale, Transexual, Ladyboys, TransBoy
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Dirty Massage episode 16 with Khawn. Khawn gives an incredible, sweaty, passionate oil massage with EVERYTHING. Rimming, asshole winking, multiple anal toys, licking every body part, kissing, face sitting, gaping, with Khawn eating her own cum and her asshole barebacked missionary pile-driver and bred with an overflowing-pushed-in creampie! Whew!Needless to say Khawn is incredible in bed. She's wearing a tiny leopard pantie that barely covers her cock and balls. Khawn squirts coconut oil all over her hormone titties and lubes her body for pleasure. Khawn spreads her buns wide and winks her stretchy wrinkled anus in an extreme close-up. Khawn's feet are shiny and dangling balls there for the taking. Khawn exposes her girl-cock and has a guy come into bed for a dirty oil massage. Khawn oils up the man from head to toe, caressing the guys asshole and balls. Khawn rubs her erect cumstick against the man while massaging. Khawn dips her face into the man's ass crack and ! takes a deep inhale of the pheromone scent. Khawn laps the guys anus and slides her tongue deeply into the anal opening. Khawn is wild with desire and throbbing as she's used for dirty pleasure.Khawn lifts each of the guys feet to her mouth. She licks the toes and soles of each foot loving the salty filth. Khawn's cheap red lipstick rubs off while licking the man's dirty sex. Next Khawn has the man flip over and dips her cock in the guys mouth while sliding the hard cock down her gullet. Khawn deep throats and worships the man's balls and asshole with reckless abandon. The man's legs are high in the air allowing for Khawn's lapping tongue to thoroughly and deeply clean his anal ring.The man squats fully on Khawn's face and feels her tongue slide a full 2 inches plus inside his flexing hole. Next Khawn makes out with the man swirling their slimy tasty tongues together. Khawn strokes the oiled up member and feels a slick finger up her easy backpussy. The tip of the m! an's finger caresses Khawn's prostrate and makes her wild with! anal desire.Khawn lays back missionary and shows off her winking, oiled asshole. Khawn is barebacked and the foreskin of her uncut cock slides back and forth over her engorged cockhead. Clear anal beads slip into Khawn's excited o-ring then are presented to her insatiable lips. A blue buttplug goes inside Khawn next and the man sits on her slurping mouth. Khawn strokes her smooth dick as a glass toy is next to enter her horny back-pussy. More extreme close-ups of Khawn's anus working as the toy pops in and out. As Khawn's anus stretches around the toy a vibrator tickles the piss slit of her cock head. Khawn is moaning like a whore in heat as she mouths the guys face. Her cock is leaking pre-cum as she face-fucks the man. Khawn slides from the man's mouth and slips her anus back onto the bareback dick. As the Farang dick fills Khawn's Ladyboy anal sheath their mouths meet for intense spit-sharing.Next Khawn bends over doggystyle. Her buns and asshole is oiled up a! s she awaits more barebacking. Khawn is barebacked face-down-and-ass-up with views from above and below. Khawn's asshole swallows the man's dick with easy and she instinctively plays with her sweet Ladyboy tool. Khawn's moans in submissively lust as she's rammed hard. When the cock withdraws from Khawn's insatiable anus her ass is slapped and buns shake like jelly.Khawn is fully erect and throbbing as her ass is taken again missionary. Her bod shines with oil and titties in full view as cum erupts from her glistening rod. Khawn pumps her beautiful cock and drains the entire contents of her girl-balls. Khawn scoops up her own cum and greedily laps at the hot, salty-sweet nectar. Khawn is breathless and lost in her orgasm as the POV man explodes all over her open anus.With the cock pumping jets of breeding spunk, the dick pushes back inside Khawn. Her butthole is a leaky messy of sticky sperm. The room is scented with sweat, perfume and cum from the raunchy bareback! ing session. Khawn goes into the shower to cool down and bring this &q! uot;members only" Dirty Massage session to a close. Thank you for your support for the LadyboyGold Network. We can only make more exclusive episodes with your continued support..
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