Drs Orders Vol 1 - Manipulation

Studio: Club Inferno

Dr.s Orders Part I: Manipulation will drain your nuts in scene after scene of perverse doctorpatient interactions. Head Doctor Glen Hunter oversees the clinics daily activities. Patient Marcus Iron is at the mercy of technician Thom Barron and Jeff Baron explodes in one of XXX videos most memorable performances!
Sc 1: A typical case of a very large sphincter, says Dr. Mark Baxter to the stud on the examining table, his butt stuck straight up in the air. His demented assistant (Plain Wrapped favorite Jeff Baron) stands by with the lube for the following exploratory session. Within seconds the whole latex-covered hand of the hot doctor is right up the patients huge hole. Baron steps in to finish off the examination with both hands and promises the patient a lollipop if hes a good boy.
Sc 2: Mental patient Marcus Iron (with shocking white hair) gets strapped to a chair by the good Dr. Thom Barron. Iron looks concerned by the number of restraints being used but the blo! nde-haired blue-eyed Aryan doctor with a German accent tells him dont worry - its not as bad as it looks.
Sc 3: Coverman Dr. Glen Hunter walks in to see a patient (Frank Parker) who seems to have lost something - deep in his hairy butt. The hunky doctor immediately plunges in to explore but doesnt find anything out of the ordinary. Before you know it, the doctor inserts a speculum into his rump and proceeds to yank his dick from behind like a creature on all fours. Once the patients load squirts into a vial, the nurse prepares a huge hypo with the precious fluid and pumps it right into the mans propped open asshole.
Sc 4: Dr. Barron returns to Marcus Iron and s him to drink a funny tasting liquid. Then he waits for the patient to pass the liquid into his cylinder. Unable to piss in front of anyone, Iron asks to be alone - but the doctor applies a little pressure and out comes the golden hot specimen. Unable to control his professional demeanor, the doctor is down ! on his knees sucking Marcus freshly-pissed-out-of dick. Next, ! the Germans whopper - and we mean whopper - flops out of his scrubs and begins to fuck him in a treatment not covered by most major medical.
Sc 5: We return to Frank Parker on his knees blowing Dr. Hunter and literally begging to get fucked. Hunter immediately obliges by stuffing his fat tool right into his upturned butt and mercilessly pounding the poor lad with his thick 220lb. frame. Frank just lies there and lets the doctor use his turned out hole for his own personal use.
Sc 6: Innocent boy-next-door Johnny Rider and Mike Fuller are alone in an examination room with a 16-inch dildo. Without blinking an eye, Fuller sits right down on the mammoth dick and takes it up in his gut; but its Rider who steals the scene here, sitting down on the biggest, fattest black dildos weve ever seen a boy this innocent take. Youve seen the pictures - but nothing will prepare you for the real live play on this young pups bubble butt.
Sc 7: Dean Rodney gets wheeled in on a g! urney with his legs tucked behind his ears. The orderly promptly puts in a rubber-egg dildo to hold him then spits on him and leaves. Nurse Nick Nicaste steps in to make an evaluation and determines that the lad has a very nice ass indeed. He inserts a variety of rubber remedies but to no avail. The stud simply needs a good old-fashioned rubber-gloved hand up his big muscle butt to get any relief.
I am going to double stuff you ass with these dildos are going up your tight ass. None. None. Black asses for black gay cocks Vol. 1 - Introducing My Cock, Look It Inside His Underwear... In order to know? None.
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